Mirage Project Point Milano
Mirage Project Point Milano

The wood effect for an inviting kitchen

Choosing a wood effect for interior design is able to bring a whole new atmosphere to a setting, creating a profoundly natural sensation.

The concept the wood effect is based on – warm, inviting and pleasant – is perfect for areas such as the kitchen, the family room par excellence, where wooden elements are ideal for enhancing comfort.


Naturally Thinking


Warm and bright, the NooN collection by Mirage is the contemporary expression of easy living. The natural warmth of wood brings a vibrant, intense thrill to any setting, in perfect harmony with the environment.


NooN offers an interpretation of aged, material wood in 5 colors, 2 surfaces and 3 sizes. The collection teams the warmth of natural wood with the elegance of polished wood, enhancing them with all the extraordinary technical characteristics of Mirage porcelain stoneware: timeless, everlasting quality and performance.

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From nature to design


The Koru collection by Mirage seeks to reinterpret the woods of fruit trees, with their distinctive, subtle veining effects, striking gnarls and compact fibers, the use of which – in the natural version – has traditionally been limited to furniture making and the decoration of objects.


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Make it your home


Hmade is a highly original collection, a “ceramic melting pot” that blends four different inspirations: wood, cottocemento, brick and hand-painted majolica tiles, offering maximum creative freedom to mix styles. This collection is best used in kitchen furnishings.

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