Mirage Project Point Milano
Mirage Project Point Milano


The aim of the Koru project is to recreate the look of the wood of fruit trees in a product characterised by light vein markings, bold knots and compact fibres.


In its re-interpretation in porcelain stoneware, the ceramic “wood” is designed to cover floors and walls in rooms around the home and commercial spaces. The result is so amazingly close to the real thing, also with regard to its texture and refraction of light, that it can only be distinguished from natural wood by touching the surface.


There are two main reasons for choosing the wood of fruit trees: to stand out from the types of wood already available on the market, and to succeed in the ambitious intention of achieving a result that is not possible with the natural material.


In nature, in fact, the trunks of fruit trees are too small to obtain strips for the use in flooring; they are also delicate and too soft to be used as flooring, so use of this material is traditionally limited to the construction of furniture and the decoration of objects and ornaments. Porcelain stoneware on the other hand, is a compact, resistant material that is virtually non-porous, making it ideal for wall and floor coverings that are durable and hard-wearing.


The high aesthetic quality of wood imitations in porcelain stoneware has undoubtedly minimised the perception of any difference from the natural material itself.

The different wood essences of fruit trees have nuances, patterns and soft vein markings that make them suitable for an extremely wide range of applications and uses.


The Koru collection is available in four colours (Apple, Peach, Apricot and Nut), with delicate tones that are not too bold and never excessive, making them suitable for any room in the home.

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