Mirage Project Point Dubai
Mirage Project Point Dubai

Transition: A journey through design

The Transition collection is a sophisticated return to craft ceramics, where every element focuses on sensation, matter and research. Its tactile, textile-rich graphic features point to the world of Italian-made craftsmanship, which is an ancient skill, known and handed down through time, yet infused with the technology of industrial production.

The series was borne from a collaboration with international design studio Lanzavecchia+Wai, and began its journey in 2015. The process fully represents Mirage’s creative model: detailed analyses of the main consumer trends, and an open discussion with the many faces of the creative environment, from the well-known to the emerging.

“We wanted our collection to be a change for Mirage, which is why we called it Transition,” says Francesca Lanzavecchia from Italy, who founded the eponymous studio with Hunn Wai from Singapore. “Transition is a transformation from one status to another, one scene to another. The source of this collection is two: one is very Italian in the way it’s linked to Italian cities and the urban landscapes, and the other is really Italian because it’s looking at the texture of the handmade, high Italian craft.”


Ethical values
With Transition, Mirage also underlines its own green spirit with important ethical choices: the majority selection of the material mix was recycled from production waste, and zero-mileage local sand was used, which guarantees the same high-technical performance that is typical of Mirage porcelain stoneware.

Red Dot Award 2016
The judges awarded Transition the Red Dot Award 2016 for Best Design in the category “Material and Surfaces” based on its creative process and the inspiration behind the aesthetic, which linked to notions of evolution, change, and real and metaphorical transitions from one place to another.
“The idea of Transition is a collection that is in movement, a collection that is derived from an ideal trip, a trip from the south to the North of Italy, that touches different cities, from Lecce to Matera, from Matera to Ostuni, and from Milano to Torino,” adds Francesca.

While Transition was their first Red Dot win, Lanzavecchia+Wai has been awarded a number of accolades, such as the “Young Design Talent of the Year 2014” by Elle Decor and the “AlumniPolimi Award” By Politecnico of Milan, and has featured in a number of international design magazines, such as Frame and Wallpaper*.
After meeting at the Design Academy of Eindhoven, Lanzavecchia and Wai created the studio having already worked with many important international companies, namely Augusta Westland, Alcantara, Samsonite, Mercedes-Benz, Cappellini and Antolini.

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