Mirage Project Point Dubai
Mirage Project Point Dubai

Discover the new HMADE series of decorative tiles

A new perspective in ceramics
The new HMADE collection of contemporary ceramic tiles from Mirage goes beyond the traditional notion of a single aesthetic available in varying surfaces and colours. Instead, HMADE is an integrated interior design project that started out with one idea: providing a 360°-approach for wall and floor coverings; since then it has progressed into offering a combination design of different surfaces, textures, traditions, styles and tastes. And all applied in a single space: your home.

HMADE is four materials in one
Inspired by four extraordinary products, cottocemento, wood, brick and hand-painted majolica tiles, we took myriad ideas and textures from a melting pot of cultures, traditions and styles from around the world. The result is a fusion of pattern and colour that complement each other by the very way they contrast. We emphasised this link by generating a new expressive potential that is achieved by juxtaposing them in one space, from residential areas to restaurant design.

Moments from the Med
Maioliche di Sant’Antonio is the most striking of the four variations in the HMADE series. Its Mediterranean influences blends motifs from Italian, Moroccan, Greek and Turkish traditions. Ottoman colours of red, white, blue and yellow blend in one colourful tile mix while delicate flowers and Islamic stars also nod to the Empire. Geometric patterns, stripes and criss-crosses in black and white, blue and white, and taupe offer versatile applications for kitchen splashbacks and islands, bathroom splashbacks and features, plus statement flooring.

Provencal woods
The wood variations allow for rustic glamour to seep into the design – a concept that’s become very popular in residential, commercial and hospitality design in the Middle East. In two options of Plaster and Shaded, designers can mix and match a shabby-chic-style blond wood with a darker distressed wood grain to play with depth and shade on complementing yet distinct floor and wall coverings.

Brick layers
Similarly, the brick aesthetic adds a distressed, urban edge when applied either with the HMADE series or on its own. These tiles are inspired by construction-style concrete blocks, traditional red bricks with a rusted metal finish, reclaimed wood, and weathered painted brick. Try the red Cotto Brick outdoors in garden landscaping; the cream Plaster Brick with painted wood-effect creates a sleeker and stylish wall for indoor applications, such as bathrooms and hallways; meanwhile the Tan or Peppery Brick in herringbone patterns creates a striking floor design and can seamless transition outside.

Contemporary concrete
Cottocemento gives the series a modern, urbanised industrial edge, with a tactile concrete blend in polished shades of pepper and tan, plus lighter, warmer shades of pearl and camel. Try mixing Maioliche di Sant’Antonio tiles in taupe with Cottocemento in tan for a subtle hint of the Med, while providing practical yet stylish splashbacks that completes a modern kitchen.

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