Mirage Project Point Dubai
Mirage Project Point Dubai

Creative freedom with large size slabs

Wall and floor coverings are subjected stylistic revolution thanks to large slabs, which can now be used to furnish any home with tailor-made solutions.


A slab for every need

Thanks to the wide range of large-size slabs offered, the Mirage programme always has size and thickness for every specific situation.

The large-size slabs with 6 mm thickness offer a perfect compromise: less fragile than thinner slabs, yet lighter and easier to handle than the 9 mm size.


Why large slabs

One of the main advantages of large slabs is aesthetic: on greater surfaces it is possible to found a new continuous effects than before. 

For example, it is possible to obtain a fascinating vein matching effect on marble look tiles on big, impressive surfaces.


A partner for your design project

hatever the living style to be interpreted, the Mirage offers a wealth of colours, materials and decorations to furnish and decorate any home.

Precision, punctuality and assistance are therefore ensured in the supply of large slabs for façades or indoor coverings, even in complex projects combining many types of surfaces, special pieces and accessories.


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