Mirage Project Point Dubai
Mirage Project Point Dubai

Bathroom | Mosaic effect for tailor-made solutions

 The days when the bathroom had a cold, sterile look are now over for good.
Today this space is designed to be calming and welcoming, a place to feel comfortable.

This concept is also clearly evident in current furnishing trends: the wood effect, for example, which makes the ambience warmer, is an increasingly popular solution with interior designers.


Alongside the choice of the large slabs, appreciated for the continuous effect they are able to bring to the setting, highlighting the dimensions of the spaces, another winning combination is the combination of large slabs and micro tesserae, characteristic of the mosaic effect.

A very special mosaic: with a 3D effect, it is able to create extraordinary decorative effects that add character and personality to the setting.


The contemporary mosaic tends to expand in space, conquering the third dimension: texturized tesserae with faceted surfaces create new vibrations with the light and an inviting handfeel, shaping new sensory experiences.


The marble effect of the Mirage Jewels collection is perfect for this type of decoration. The realism of the chromatic nuances of the marble and the intense harmony of the tones are characteristics that look extraordinary even with a 3D mosaic effect.

Porcelain stoneware is also a decidedly practical, functional solution, especially for a humid environment, exposed to products that could ruin surfaces such as those found in bathrooms.


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and its infinite expressive possibilities, for settings that go beyond classical style

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