Mirage Project Point Dubai
Mirage Project Point Dubai

AIA Middle East Design Talk

Saturday, September 9th
2 pm – 4:30 pm

Event: Reason and Emotion through Sustainability
Guest Speaker: Fernando Menis
Organized by: AIA Middle East
Venue: D3 Dubai Design District, Mirage Project Point – Building 5, Office B101

Fernando Menis designs are characterized by being sustainable and adaptable, representing low-cost projects combining the natural elements of the urban landscape with architecture.

The design talk is addressed to AIA Middle East members and it will review the work of Menis architects through the lenses of sustainability and the intimate relationship with the landscape.

Fernando Menis combines a wide range of approaches from large scale buildings – like the Torun’s Opera House- to landscape design and small scale interventions.

An architectural work which could be defined by intensity and expressiveness: Reason and Emotion, working together in a perfect balance.
An intuitive approach to design with a highly technical research from the point of view of the construction technology, materiality, and sustainability in all aspects of his work.

As part of his projects and research in the region, he has designed a Geyser for the Mleiha Desert in Sharjah as part of his ongoing research on Hatching: The Origins of Life.


Who is Fernando Menis.

Fernando Menis is a Spanish Architect, graduated from the Barcelona Institute of Architecture, who also serves as Chairman of the Laboratory for Innovation in Architecture, Design and Advanced Tourism of Tenerife and as a Professor of the EUC (European University of the Canary Islands) and, occasionally, as a guest speaker at International Congresses of Architecture and Universities (such as Harvard, Technical University of Berlin, Columbia University and École Spéciale d’Architecture).


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